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United States United States

327 1 week
66 1 week
120 1 week
109 1 week
182 1 week

Germany Germany

204 6 days
57 1 week
130 1 week
40 1 week

France France

138 6 days
13 1 week
33 1 week
51 1 week

United Kingdom United Kingdom

29 1 week
29 1 week
86 1 week
89 1 week

Romania Romania

33 4 days
30 1 week
55 1 week

Spain Spain

49 3 days
27 1 week

Russia Russia

149 1 week
253 1 week

Croatia Croatia

54 1 week
21 1 week

Poland Poland

36 1 week
65 1 week

Sweden Sweden

26 1 week

Canada Canada

17 1 week

Nigeria Nigeria

70 1 week

Belgium Belgium

18 1 week

Brazil Brazil

27 1 week

Netherlands Netherlands

73 1 week

Malaysia Malaysia

5 1 week

Israel Israel

26 1 week

Australia Australia

25 1 week

Ukraine Ukraine

104 1 week

Austria Austria

61 1 week

Czech Republic Czech Republic

11 1 week

What is the use of this service?

Today, most services need confirmation by SMS from a phone number to authorize, for example, Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter and not only social networks, but also action websites, and these numbers can later be used to send spam and unnecessary for you advertising. This raises the problem of having a different, accessible phone number.

Our free service offers a solution to this problem. To do this, you can use our phone numbers to confirm your account and protect yourself from unwanted advertising.

How else can our rooms help you?

How to use the service?

Copy the free number you like (which is listed above) and use it when registering with the service you need. At the same time, updating the page is not required, since all SMS messages arrive instantly.

How does the service work?

24/7 all toll free numbers are available to you in real time. Every day we update the available numbers, it allows you to prevent another user from re-confirming this service.

The service uses only real SIM cards, it guarantees 100% SMS reception from any operators. Acceptance of SMS is carried out within a few seconds, depending on the operator’s load.

Terms of Use

The Service is not responsible for the possible consequences of its use.

We do not approve of the exploitation of these numbers in any illegal activity, in case of violation, your information may be transferred to the authorities (upon request).

Our service does not recommend you to bind these numbers to your own accounts.

Warning! Any attempt to automate the service will be blocked.

SMS Restrictions

We have a bot installed on our existing numbers that blocks messages received from any payment systems, paid subscriptions and financial organizations.