Afghanistan Country ISO Code AF/AFG Country Calling Code +93

This page details Afghanistan countries phone code. The Afghanistan country code AF (AFG). Afghanistan telephone code +93 is dialed after the ID. Afghanistan international dialing 93 is followed by an area code. The Afghanistan area code table below shows the various city codes for Afghanistan. Afghanistan country codes are followed by these area codes.


AF +93 afghanistan countries code.

Country Calling Code 2 Digit ISO 3 Digit ISO




Local Time Time Zone
Friday, June 25, 2021 {Asia/Kabul}

UTC/GMT +4 hours 30 minutes
Daylight Saving Time
Not Applicable

Afghanistan City Codes

City Dial Codes
Herat +93-40
Jalalabad +93-60
Kabul +93-20
Kandahar +93-30
Mazar-E-Sherif +93-50
Mobile Phones +93-70
Country Afghanistan
Capital Kabul
Population 32,225,560
Area 647,500 KM2
GDP $20.46 Billion
Telephones 13,500
Mobile Phones 18,000,000
Internet Hosts 223
Internet Users 4,068,194

Travel Information Afghanistan

  • Latitude / Longitude
      33°55'49"N / 67°40'44"E
    What is Latitude and Longitude?

    Just like every actual house has its address (which like the Home number, the name of the street, city, etc), every single point on the surface of earth can be specified by the latitude and longitude coordinates. Therefore, by using latitude and longitude we can specify virtually any point on earth.

  • Currency
  • Languages
    • Afghan Persian or Dari (official) 50%
    • Pashto (official) 35%
    • Turkic languages (primarily Uzbek and Turkmen) 11%
    • 30 minor languages (primarily Balochi and Pashai) 4%
    • much bilingualism
    • but Dari functions as the lingua franca
  • Electricity
    • Type C European 2-pin
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